New Homes
July 23rd, 2003 | Back to Blog Listing
23rd July 2003
New Homes.
I would like to appologize for the lack of updates in the past 4 or 5 days. It seems that finding places to live, moving into these places, and meeting lots of new people has taken the majority of the day. The rest is left to sleeping (which does, remember, consume about 1/3 of your life). Both Tisa and I have found our own places and they are quite nice. Tisa is living with 3 other girls whom all seem wonderful and have made adjusting for her very easy. I have had the same bit of luck and am living with 1 guy and 2 girls whom are fantastic. Everyone seems incredibly nice and highly inquisitive about our lives in the United States. It is rewarding to be able to set some of the misconceived notions about the country straight - this seems especially true about guns. While everyone knows that the United States has some strange gun policies, Kiwis tend to believe that we all walk around armed.

If you would like our home addresses, please feel free to email us and we can send them to you. Otherwise, feel free simply to send mail to our postal address listed on the home page. I will get some pictures of our homes and flatmates online as soon as possible!

Photo Gallery Updates:
Sorry it took so long to get Queenstown online!