The Ladies of Seinfeld - Kimberley Kates
June 27th, 2022 | Back to Blog Listing
Jerry gets back from a trip to discover that his apartment has been robbed. He plans to move into a new apartment, but after a disagreement, he and George decide to give it to a waitress. She in turn invites them to a housewarming party where we meet Diane, the woman who could have been Jerry’s new neighbor. She only appears in the episode for a total of 39 seconds.

Diane was played by Kimberley Kates who would go on to do 32 more roles.

Following Seinfeld, Kimberley did a couple of productions before being cast as Carol in the beloved series, The Wonder Years. The following year saw a television reboot of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure where she played Bill’s mom Missy in the pilot. Unfortunately the episode never aired. That same year she played the hyper-sexual role of Cindy in the coming of age film, Rescue Me.

In 1993 she starred as Alex Morrison in the movie Chained Heat 2, where she’s essentially a sex slave in a Czechoslovakian prison. And if you’re wondering, yes, her co-star was Bridgette Nielson who you most likely remember as Drogas wife, Ludmilla from Rocky IV.

After Chained Heat she went on to do a few small television roles, one of which was Silk Stalkings where she plays Glee Onager. …before eventually landing a steady role on the ABC series “On Our Own” where she plays social worker Alana Michaels.

Two years later she played Kim Swofford in an episode of the popular Angela Landsbury show, Murder, She Wrote and then several more television shows before landing regular voice work on the cartoon, Eek the Cat followed by the 1998 movie Shadow of Doubt where she plays Bridget Paul and is eventually found murdered.

She took one final television role in the series Charmed where she played Tanjella, a short-lived shop owner. After which she would go on to do 7 more feature films, most of them low budget action movies like Highway where she plays Jilly Miranda.

Her final role was in 2013 where she played Jackie Crawley in a feature film called Mosquito-Man, which is more or less the same plot line as The Fly.

And there is one more role I should mention; it’s probably the one you’ll most remember. The year before her role on Seinfeld, Kimberley played Princess Elizabeth in the original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

And that’s Kimberley Kates