The Ladies of Seinfeld - Lynn Clark
June 26th, 2022 | Back to Blog Listing
Jerry is invited to a birthday party dinner where we first meet Vanessa, played by Lynn Clark. She tells Jerry where she works, but he doesn’t actually get her name or her number. He decides to stake out her office so that he can bump into her and ask her out

We see her again 3 episodes later where the two have clearly been dating and Jerry proposes they spend a weekend together in Vermont. They wind up getting rained-in at their hotel and just as Vanessa feared, they realize they have nothing to talk about.

This is the last time we see Vanessa.

The character of Vanessa was played by Lynn Clark.

Barely a month after her debut on Seinfeld, Lynn was featured as Terri in a B-rated horror movie called Demon Wind. It’s a pretty bad movie, but she gets an on-screen kiss, a true horror scream, and eventually even turns into a demon herself. So, all wins there.

She wound up playing Madeline Armstrong for a good run of 20 episodes on Days of our Lives before being cast in a new show called Grapevine. Unfortunately the show only ran 6 episodes, but she was featured in all of them as Susan Crawford.

She did a few smaller productions before getting a cameo as Danielle in an episode of Friends where she’s introduced as a love interest of Chandler’s as the end credits start rolling

Lynn played Diane Sylvius in an episode of Sliders, a popular 90s sci-fi show that ran for 5 seasons. She was cast as Jack Lemmon’s daughter in the movie “My Fellow Americans”. And played the role of Denise’s attorney in a two-part episode of Melrose Place.

Her final acting credit was actually a throwback to an earlier show she had done. In 2000 CBS rebooted the 1992 version of Grapevine, albeit with a different cast. While Lynn was a cast member of the original, she only appeared in a single episode in the reboot as Heather Brewer.

And that’s Lynn Clark.