Thirsty in Jersey
February 26th, 2012 | Back to Blog Listing
I discovered what I would describe as a new low for corporate America in bed with government. In this case the problem appears to be with either the New Jersey State Legislature or the Newark City Council, perhaps both. The newest wing of the Newark Liberty International Airport (gates C120 - C139) was built without a single water fountain in it. It does however, have about a dozen fast-food-esque restaurants nicely arranged in a circular design, all of whom sell bottles of water.

I know this might seem like a "first world problem" to some people, but that's not my angle; citing the absence of water is a far cry from citing a lack of mobile power stations or WiFi. Cynical as I am towards those in charge (and I believe justifiably), I remain hopeful that people will ultimately reject the outright commoditization of drinkable water, even if we do continue buying it at thousands of percent markup. But having written that, I have a hard time believing this was simply an architectural oversight for a major international airport.

That, dear home state, is just shameful.