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2006 Christmas Card
December 10th, 2006 | View Post
I was just sitting around the other day and thought, what better way to spend my time than to create a little holiday card for my friends and family. I didn't really have any ideas going into it, but after playing around with some colors and concepts for awhile, this is what ultimately came up.

My 2006 Christmas card complete with Tux

The perimeter of the card were supposed to be things of particular interest to me. Starting with the top left corner and working clockwise they are: Mountain Biking, Photography, Soccer, SCUBA Diving, Sushi, Irish, Acoustic Guitar, NASA, Motorcycles, Singing, Apple Laptop, Construction, Scrabble, New Zealand, Nintendo (Mario in this case), and Computers (AMD)
First YouTube Submission
October 29th, 2006 | View Post
Since YouTube has now taken the web by storm, I wanted to play around with it a little bit. This is the first video that I uploaded to it after coming back from Ft. Stockton for a little mancation.

I titled it "Barham Knocks Out Baby Bluey".

And to those people that think it's wrong to pretend fight with a doll because it somehow symbolizes that I advocate hitting babies. You're right, it does. And go fuck yourself.

Preston's Addition Panorama
October 29th, 2006 | View Post
When we got back from our Ft. Stockton Mancation I did some exploring of Preston's new home addition. He's been pretty excited to get this thing going for awhile so it was great to see so much progress on it.

I shot dozens of pictures of it and used some new panorama software to stitch all of them together.

A view from the top of the structure

The front view of the new structure

Fractured Hand
October 22nd, 2006 | View Post

A little part of my bone that evidently chipped away from the main thumb.
While playing an indoor soccer game, I had the pleasure of playing goal. If you've never seen an indoor game before, it's tremendously faster than outdoor soccer. The field is about the same size as a hockey rink and the out-of-bounds rules are similar; the ball can be played off of the walls. While the net is a little smaller to defend, the shots tend to come from much closer in.

It all happened so quickly that I'm not positive of the specific details, but I essentially charged for a ball in the box and right as I grabbed it, had the pleasure of having my hand kicked by the offensive player. After the swelling remained for a few days, I headed over to the urgent care facility to have it checked out.

It turned out that I had a small chip in the bone, though it wasn't a huge deal. After a couple of days of keeping it compressed and icing it, the swelling was gone. It only took a couple of weeks to resume full use of the hand.

I was particularly impressed how the urgent care facility provided me with a digital copy of the x-rays and a program from which to view them (albeit Photoshop works too).
Homemade Pedalboard
May 15th, 2006 | View Post
My parents have been in town helping my brother fix up his new house and so there have been all sorts of construction and arts and crafts projects happening. I've been wanting to make a pedalboard for some time now and felt inspired.

The bottom frame of the board is cut out of poplar and the top is covered in diamond board. I fastened a hearty power strip with an 8 foot cord to the top. All of the pedals are given power from a standard DC brick. There are holes drilled next to each device so that all of the wiring could be done on the bottom side. Finally the handles are just standard cabinet mounts turned the wrong way.

It was actually very difficult to find the short 1/4" cables to go between each of the pedals.

The pedalboard shown under normal lighting

The pedalboard shown in the dark

Guitar Tablature: Guitar Introduction
April 24th, 2006 | View Post
I was just messing around with some melodic finger plucking and happened to come up with this. I threw it into GarageBand and applied some very light effects to it. Although it might sound like there is a bass guitar in it, I just turned the bass up very high on my LC2-Sonoma and ran with it.

You can listen to the song here: Intro_20060424.mp3