Fenway Panos
June 3rd, 2007 | View Post

Me standing in the bleachers after the game
Tracy and I went up to Boston with the specific intention of going to a Red Socks game. In fact, Tracy actually bought tickets to the game before we even had plane tickets. I don't often go to baseball games, but it is definitely fun checking out all of the different stadiums around the country.

This game was particularly fun because the Sox were playing the Yankees. Tracy hates the Yanks, but we're going to see them in NYC in just a few weeks.

Anyway, I put these panoramas together from the middle of the game.

A view of Fenway Park from deep right field

The Gas Caps
Story circa May 4th, 2007 | View Post

A photo of N733CP, the plane I was flying in this story. Note that this picture was not taken at the same time
The following story takes place at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the Lockhart Municipal Airport, and 3,000 feet above the ground between those two locales.

On the second flight I ever made during my flight training, I was responsible for the pre-flight inspection. Though neither Dustin nor myself had a great deal of experience with these sorts of procedures just yet, I decided that I'd be able to figure it out one way or another. Of course, the 'or another' part of that was preparing to reveal itself to me.

We had been taught in the previous lesson that there is a very specific methodology to doing a pre-flight inspection. The formula is mainly just geared at making sure you don't overlook any obvious steps and so it's important to always go in order. For a person like myself who likes to do many things at once, this linearity took a little getting used to. Nevertheless, I did the flight inspection as requested and was ready to get going.

Upon completion of my pre-flight inspection, our new instructor Garrett came out to greet Dustin and I just prior to the flight. We were planning a short comfortable afternoon voyage out to Lockhart (50R) as we had done the week before. For those who don't know, Lockhart is a small town located about 30 miles south of Austin. From ABIA, it's a straight shot and thus makes for a great training facility.

I taxied out of ABIA and took to the skies, heading south towards Lockhart. When we got into the area, Garrett had me doing all sorts of aerial drills. I was mostly working on turning around a point, controlling my altitude, and some basic navigation. After about 20 or so minutes of this, we entered the pattern at Lockhart and touched down.

Garrett instructed me to taxi the plane over to the gas pump there (gas is sold much cheaper in Lockhart than at ABIA) and was planning on having us gas up the plane. As I parked and killed the engine, he got out and climbed onto the sidestep to see the top of the plane. When he came down, he very calmly asked me to step out of the plane. I did. He asked me to walk around the plane and take a look at the top of the plane and see if I noticed anything of interest.

I climbed atop the plane as requested and much to my great surprise, the plane was missing both of its gas caps!

I could tell that Garrett was pretty angry at the situation, but he did his best to remain in good spirits and was not too outwardly angry with me. We called in the problem to someone back in Austin and as it turns out, I had simply left them on top of the plane and they must have fallen onto the ground as soon as I engaged the throttle. We had to wait about 30 minutes, but someone brought them to us and all was well.

Months later I was speaking with a flight instructor who was adamant about the fact that planes cannot fly without gas caps since the lack of pressure would simply suck the gas right out of the wings.

While I'm sure it's ideal to have them in place, I had to respectfully disagree with this person's analysis.

2006 Christmas Card
December 10th, 2006 | View Post

I was just sitting around the other day and thought, what better way to spend my time than to create a little holiday card for my friends and family. I didn't really have any ideas going into it, but after playing around with some colors and concepts for awhile, this is what ultimately came up.

My 2006 Christmas card complete with Tux

The perimeter of the card were supposed to be things of particular interest to me. Starting with the top left corner and working clockwise they are: Mountain Biking, Photography, Soccer, SCUBA Diving, Sushi, Irish, Acoustic Guitar, NASA, Motorcycles, Singing, Apple Laptop, Construction, Scrabble, New Zealand, Nintendo (Mario in this case), and Computers (AMD)

First YouTube Submission
October 29th, 2006 | View Post

Since YouTube has now taken the web by storm, I wanted to play around with it a little bit. This is the first video that I uploaded to it after coming back from Ft. Stockton for a little mancation.

I titled it "Barham Knocks Out Baby Bluey".

And to those people that think it's wrong to pretend fight with a doll because it somehow symbolizes that I advocate hitting babies. You're right, it does. And go fuck yourself.

Preston's Addition Panorama
October 29th, 2006 | View Post

When we got back from our Ft. Stockton Mancation I did some exploring of Preston's new home addition. He's been pretty excited to get this thing going for awhile so it was great to see so much progress on it.

I shot dozens of pictures of it and used some new panorama software to stitch all of them together.

A view from the top of the structure

The front view of the new structure

Fractured Hand
October 23rd, 2006 | View Post

A little part of my bone that evidently chipped away from the main thumb.
While playing an indoor soccer game, I had the pleasure of playing goal. If you've never seen an indoor game before, it's tremendously faster than outdoor soccer. The field is about the same size as a hockey rink and the out-of-bounds rules are similar; the ball can be played off of the walls. While the net is a little smaller to defend, the shots tend to come from much closer in.

It all happened so quickly that I'm not positive of the specific details, but I essentially charged for a ball in the box and right as I grabbed it, had the pleasure of having my hand kicked by the offensive player. After the swelling remained for a few days, I headed over to the urgent care facility to have it checked out.

It turned out that I had a small chip in the bone, though it wasn't a huge deal. After a couple of days of keeping it compressed and icing it, the swelling was gone. It only took a couple of weeks to resume full use of the hand.

I was particularly impressed how the urgent care facility provided me with a digital copy of the x-rays and a program from which to view them (albeit Photoshop works too).

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