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The Swimming Classes
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In my senior year of high school (1996 and 1997), I had been selected by my computer science teacher to be one of 15 or so people on the school's first web team.  After I quit playing football about three-quarters through the season, I even formally had a class change so that I could program for the school rather than just sit around in the weight room.

One of the tasks that came with this building the school's website was to take digital pictures of the various teams and clubs across the school.  It might also be worth noting that this was the first time most of us had ever seen a digital camera.  It was a flat and boxy looking thing by Kodak that shot at a resolution of about 320x200 (worse than the old flip phones).

I really have no idea how we never got caught doing this, but my good friend, David Spencer, and I one day discovered that the doors to the school's Olympic swimming pool and diving well were not locked during our web period.  So of course, one day we thought we'd give it a go and brought our bathing suits and towels to school with us.  Of course, we couldn't get dressed in the locker room and so just wound up changing in the pool area itself.  We spent the entire period diving off of the 3 meter board and when we were done, dried off, changed, and headed to our lunch period.

We continued this for weeks without anyone ever saying a word about it.