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The Keg Thiefs
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Sometime in the Spring of 1998, I was visiting my friends in Waco who were attending Baylor University.  Specifically, I was hanging out with a good high school friend of mine, Tom Kelley, and a girlfriend of his.  Tom and bunch of other friends of mine were in the process of pledging for a fraternity and he was really intent upon standing out to them in one way or another (as Tom typically did).  I guess he figured that I would be the most likely person to help him on this adventure, and of course he was right.

We went to a house party of what I believe was a competing fraternity.  In the back of a someone's pickup truck in the area were about 10 keg shells that had not yet been returned.  Tom and I scoped the area out for some time before I eventually making our move.

I parked my truck just a few feet away from the other pickup truck and killed the lights.  Tom meanwhile got out and quietly started moving all of the keg shells from the other truck into mine, and we took off.

I didn't actually go into the fraternity house with Tom, or at least I don't remember doing so, but it's my understanding that he was quite celebrated for having just lifted so many keg shells from a competing group.  I probably should have just pledged their fraternity right then and there and been done with it.