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Stroke of Good Luck
November 22nd, 2000 | View Post
Stroke of Good Luck

Words by Klaus Wagner
Music by Kevin Ludlow

(A) (D/A)

Been bitten by a stroke of good luck

Don't know where - it got me

Cause I feel no pain

Feels good again

Got some meaning now to open my eyes

Feeling good when - I look in the mirror

I kind of like this good luck

Feeling it

Where it takes me

I don't know

Where it leads me

Leave it forever not to be - no

Because I've been bitten by a stroke of good luck

And I - feeling its gonna be another

Good Day - tomorrow

When I go to sleep

And I don't care no more

Cause I'm gonna wake up in the blue skies

We'll be blue again
Where sun will shine
Cause the birds will fly
And I'll feel so damn high

Its good luck and I don't know where it came from

Kinda like that mole on my ass

But I like when its there

See its always clear

Please don't feel

And I feel good inside - outside

(E) (A)
Feeling fair
Living free
Cause it's where everyone needs to be

Its in a place where they can - see

(A) (D/A)

And not think about what it would have been

Go, Go, Go, Go

Go, Go, Go


Kevin - Well I hope that came out
Klaus - Was that fun?

See, that was a jam.

Was that fun or what? [FADE OUT]