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Same Gnome 2.8.0+ Custom Image Pack 0.1
July 24th, 2005 | View Post

A look at the different pix maps.

This is just a pretty simple image pack that I put together for the popular open-source game, Same Gnome. The top left image is the default pixmap for the game, and the other three images are custom pixmaps that I made. Included in the tarball are: rotating_pills.png (topright), three_lens_flares.png (bottomleft), and mexican_numbers.png (bottomright). I cannot guarantee that they will work with all versions of Same Gnome, but were designed to work with v2.8.0.

Included Pixmaps
  • Rotating Pills
  • Mexican Numbers
  • Three Lens Flare
While the Mexican Numbers and the Rotating Pills themes were meant to be graphically appealing, the Three Lens Flares pixmap was simply designed to allow the user to more easily see what particular color appears most in the game (thus allowing for higher scores - or so was the idea).

How to use

Read your Same Gnome help section on 'Creating Scenarios'. Simply unTar/GZip the file and copy the .PNGs into your /usr/share/pixmaps/same-gnome/ directory (note: directory may be slightly different depending on your Linux distribution.)

Download them directly from:

Tar/GZ: same-gnome-pixmaps0.1.tar.gz (110,354 bytes)