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Johnny Taco Artwork
March 15th, 2010 | View Post

Me with the real Johnny Taco (he's on the left).
I've been working on a small project out here in Los Angeles called Johnny Taco with a friend of mine, Manny Ruiz. Basically it's a mobile restaurant idea that only sells breakfast tacos since the breakfast taco is evidently not sold in Los Angeles. If you're from Los Angeles and you say to yourself, "isn't that the same as a breakfast burrito", it's not.

Anyway there is a guy by the name of Jamie Oliff who painted all of the artwork at the Dresden and I asked him if he would do the artwork for us. The idea was to have a caricature of Johnny from the Dresden holding a taco. I like where he's going with this.

As a side note, I added in all of the restaurant-esque stuff.

Johnny Taco in all of his glory