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Grass on the Field
February 27th, 2011 | View Post
Less than two months after the property was professionally leveled and cleared, we are already starting to see a layer of grass come in. In the evening sun, it really makes the property look warm and inviting. In my opinion, it looks much more like a public park than an industrial compound. I still have no idea just how we’ll be landscaping the property. I’m not particularly in love with the traditional grasses that are so common to the south and central Texas regions. On the other hand, it may prove to be far too expensive to cover the property in any type of greenery, regardless of how nice it is.

To put it into some perspective, an average suburban home sits about 1/4 acre piece of land. 1/4 acre of land is equivalent to a little less than 11,000 sq ft. If you figure that the footprint of the suburban home is roughly 1,500 sq ft, another 2,000 sq ft for a garage and driveway, and finally another 1,000 sq ft for exterior walkways, paved patios, and so on, you’re really only left to cover about 6,500 sq ft of property (and that doesn’t even account for mulching, tree beds, and other similar landscaping amenities).

By contrast, the Axel Project sits on roughly 62,000 sq ft of land. The footprint will take up about 5,000 sq ft, and the remaining paved areas taking up about 7,000, still leaving about 40,000 sq ft of land needing to be landscaped. That’s the equivalent of about SIX suburban lots.