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American Healthcare: A Moderate Approach
October 6th, 2012 | View Post

American Healthcare: A Moderate Approach
My book, American Healthcare: A Moderate Approach, is finally available for sale online through Amazon.

American Healthcare: A Moderate Approach is a political outsider’s examination of the modern American healthcare crisis. The focus of the book tends towards the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, better known as Obamacare. The book explores the vast differences between healthcare and health insurance and challenges the reader to consider who benefits most from the installation of state-mandated health insurance. It also scrutinizes the corporate-influenced positions that both Republicans and Democrats have used to warp the political discussion around healthcare.

Above all, the book strongly acknowledges that there is a need to reform the healthcare policies of the United States and provides a number of reasonable, common-sense approaches towards fixing the system. None of these solutions involve kowtowing to corporate interests.
Older Software Projects
October 1st, 2012 | View Post

About My SoftwareOver the years I have written a bit of software under the GNU/GPL license. Although some of the software that I wrote was originally distributed under my "AustinSmoke Scripts" software label, I have now just assumed distribute it under my own name. All downloads are free and can be used however the license was intended.At the moment I'm not really supporting any of the software. That said, if you run into any problems I probably won't be of much help. Still, you're welcome to contact me.Finally, I have received a number of questions regarding the released of my openFace software and despire the current project name having the word 'open' in it, it is not currently open-source and I have no intentions of making it open source in the near future. Sorry for the let down :(
AustinSmoke GasTracker v1.0.0 (demo)
This script will allow you to keep track of your gas mileage and have the results displayed in an easy to read website. None of the data is harvested from anywhere on the web but is rather entered manually by the user and for the user.Currently the program only supports the English system of miles and gallons. Future versions intend to include the metric system as well as conversions between the figures.If the demand seems to exist, a future version will allow the user to import a CSV file (or something similar). This should satisfy any users who have historically kept up with such data with Excel and other spreadsheets.

FilenameFile SizeFile MD5 Checksum
AS-GasTracker_v1_0_0.tar.gz43789 bytesf8e080a0948becb174496990c84e22fc
AS-GasTracker_v1_0_0.zip62133 bytes1c90e4cccbe1a49c14f718a405f81f1f
Same Gnome 2.8.0+ Custom Image Pack 0.1
This is just a pretty simple image pack that I put together for the popular open-source game, Same Gnome. The top left image is the default pixmap for the game, and the other three images are custom pixmaps that I made. Included in the tarball are: rotating_pills.png (topright), three_lens_flares.png (bottomleft), and mexican_numbers.png (bottomright). I can not guarantee that they will work with all versions of Same Gnome, but were designed to work with v2.8.0.While the Mexican Numbers and the Rotating Pills themes were meant to be graphically appealing, the Three Lens Flares pixmap was simply designed to allow the user to more easily see what particular color appears most in the game (thus allowing for higher scores - or so was the idea).How to use: Read your Same Gnome help section on 'Creating Scenarios'. Simply unTar/GZip the file and copy the .PNGs into your /usr/share/pixmaps/same-gnome/ directory (note: directory may be slightly different depending on your Linux distribution.)

FilenameFile SizeFile MD5 Checksum
same-gnome-pixmaps0.1.tar.gz110354 bytesc89fa40e7016eada6b42f69704b0444a
AustinSmoke Currency Converter v2.0
riginal msg thread: Anyone looking for a Currency Converter (169 different currencies included) or that is already using AS-Currency 1.0, I have finally completed AS-Currency 2.0. Tons of new features including a redesigned and more powerful admin interface, market gain and loss calculations, ability to use graphical images, new flag sets (for 45 countries), and plenty more. Previous bugs have been worked out and I have included a thorough documentation set as well as an easy to use install script. For use with PHP Nuke 6.9+nukecops download thread: Heavily redesigned PHPNuke block/module combination built off of the existing v1.0. The block displays current exchange rate information - displaying countries that the administrator defines. The module is a currency converter. New to v2.0 are: -market gains and losses displayed within the block. -graphical displays available for both gains and losses, and for numerical values -new flag images included -redesigned admin interface -redesigned module interface -multiple data servers can be selected for each currency used -ability to edit specific currency information Version 2.0

FilenameFile SizeFile MD5 Checksum
AS-Currency-v2.0.tar.gz129013 bytese22f8246efa5c5ae44315503a7820d5a
AS-Currency_v2_0.zip205880 bytesbbdb80946c60c7ec0cdd887b072af0dc
AustinSmoke Currency Converter v1.0
nukecops download thread: A PHPNuke block/module combination. The block displays current exchange rate information - displaying countries that the administrator defines. The module is a currency converter. Version 1.0

FilenameFile SizeFile MD5 Checksum
AS-Currency.zip119866 bytes9374d3958cee0aad1906623bd83b139a