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Backstage with Snoop and MIA
November 10th, 2013 | View Post

MIA half-way through her set on Saturday night. One of her dancers looked to be about 12 years old.
A lovely friend of mine was able to get me a pair of backstage passes (playfully known as "Homie" passes) to this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Having never actually gone before, I thought this would be the year to check it out. My good friend from São Paulo, Brazil also happened to be in town and so naturally he and I took advantage of the access.

I'm undoubtedly the furthest one can be from caring about celebrities and all of that, but it's still kind of amusing to see the artists hanging out before major performances. Day one was especially amusing. I really only went backstage because there were private bathrooms available, but was directed over to the trailers with Snoop Dog and company (or Snoop Lion - whatever four-legged creature he may be these days). If I'd come prepared with the proper organic ingredients, I'd have walked right over to him just to say it happened. But alas, I am not that cool.

We left the show early enough to walk to the State Theater and saw Kyle Dunnigan, Doug Benson, and Sarah Silverman. I think Doug was actually my favorite of the three.

Day two was pretty cool only because we got there early enough to see a number of bands backstage from the "Orange Stage". We also accidentally ran into Craig Robinson (from the office), but didn't actually get to see him at the Mohawk later that night (it was absurdly to capacity with a line wrapping the block - namely due to Tenacious D). We stuck around for most of MIA's show having bribed the backstage attendee with beer thus ensuring we kept a great viewing spot. Outside of playing with the band, I don't think we could have gotten any better seats.

Grandparent Teaching Photos
November 9th, 2013 | View Post

Catherine Ludlow presiding over her class. Side observation: high schoolers used to look incredibly old.

Howard Ludlow Sr. presiding over his class (or at least I assume there exists a class out of frame)
My dad recently came across a few photos he had tucked away of my grandparents (his respective parents) teaching in their fields. I found this a little surprising seeing on how I have archived thousands upon thousands of our family photos and albums and thought that I had all of them. Nevertheless, I'm always happy to come across more photos for the catalog.

My grandmother was a high school Spanish teacher (amongst other fields I'm sure) and my grandfather was a professor and dean of the economics school at Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

They were both in academics for the entirety of their lives (and incidentally died within just a few months of one another).