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Fixing my Wooden Cutting Board
August 14th, 2019 | View Post
For some reason or another someone must have put my favorite wooden cutting board into the dishwasher last week. I'm not really sure how that happened, but I mustn't have realized it was in there when I ran the dishwasher. I guess the extra hot water didn't sit well with the wood and so it broke about a third of it off at one of the original seams.

I decided on a whim a couple of nights ago to break out the carpenter's glue and some wood clamps. I applied it to both sides of the wood along the break line, smoothed the glue out, and placed the pieces together as perfectly aligned as I could. I then wrapped some paper towels along the glue line and clamped everything together. Unfortunately my wood clamps were not quite wide enough to clamp it in the direction of the break. I could have rigged up some kind of jig, but was feeling a little lazy and so instead I just clamped it to hold in position and then applied some weight at the top (using 3 different hammers) to pull the pieces together with the help of gravity.

The video picks up the next day after the glue had dried.