25 Random Things About Me
Originally posted on Facebook February 3rd, 2009 | Back to Blog Listing
1. I have seen my own sperm under a high powered NYU-lab microscope. It turns out there are a lot of them.

2. Since it's upon us next week, women enamored with Valentine's Day provide the only reason to repeal the 19th amendment. Men supporting it give reason to repeal the 8th.

3. My office chair is a wheelchair. It's called the Breezy-550.

4. I save only photos and memories, everything else I'm happy to throw away.

5. My website, kevinludlow.com, will someday be the largest personal website in the world. It currently has over 30,000 photos on it and there are 20,000 - 30,000 more I still have to scan.

6. Marriage is a bit like circumcision. It's a silly and antiquated religious philosophy that really has no purpose in modern society, and yet I'm pretty sure I'm shunned for believing this.

7. My dream car is a mini-van with a soccerball on the back containing my name.

8. I've had lots of small business start-ups. They've all failed.

9. I once spent 3 months working underwater as an assistant marine biologist.

10. The only continent I will go through painstaking efforts to visit is Antarctica.

11. I strongly oppose organized religion, but am a self-proclaimed Jew.

12. I drive a Saturn ION, ride a Suzuki SV-650, and fly a Cessna 152.

13. I can pop every joint in my body.

14. The larger the crowd, the more excited I am to speak or perform in front of it.

15. When I was 3 or 4 I told my mom I discovered a third testicle. I was wrong. ...and she just told me to tell my father.

16. I wear a permanent coat of fur on my chest (Pantene Pro-V treated daily). It has been waxed twice. I cursed Kelly Clarkson throughout both of these experiences.

17. I don't listen to a lot of music these days, but I play the guitar and piano daily and have since I was young. My favorite instrument to play is a drumkit. I can usually pickup about anything and play it fairly well.

18. In highschool I was a pole-vaulter. I was only so-so at it, but can assure you that learning to run with a 13' fiberglass pole that flings your body into the air was a frightening undertaking.

19. I think drugs are inherently good. But, I blame people giving them a bad name and fault people for abusing them.

20. I intend to run for President of the US some day. Not necessarily to win, just to officially run for the job.

21. People should be characterized on what they do and how they do it, not for what they wear, how rich they are, or what kind of car they drive.

22. I have been placed in handcuffs at least half a dozen times, and yet have always been able to talk my way out of it.

23. There are no clocks in my house and I don't wear a watch.

24. When I was 17 my dad had the sex talk with me. He pulled the car over and sternly said on the topic, "I know what's going on and shit happens - not in my house buddy. Don't do it." We then drove off. I think this is about the only time in my life I've been accused of something I'm positive I wasn't guilty of.

25. I'm inherently opposed to any sort of chain letter type of thing, but since so many people evidently included me in their notes, I felt compelled to finally respond. I believe this is the end.