25 Things Written About Me
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I'll let the writer of this remain anonymous for the time being, but per #10 on the list, I'd sure love to see more of these pop up!

BEWARE LADIES: 25 Things You Should Know About Kevin Patrick Ludlow

1. He cackles when he thinks something is particularly funny, and if you point out his cackle, he will cackle even louder.

2. He once had a comic strip in college titled "Super Sperm." It was a Superman-esque comic about a superhero sperm.

3. He loves having his toes popped (shudder) and will try to persuade you to pop them for him. If you are unsuccessful, he will complain.

4. He twirls his hair and/or plays with his hands when he is thinking or talking about something serious.

5. He considers being submersed in any type of water as his shower for the day. Pools, rivers, etc. - it all counts.

6. He is generally impatient.

7. He is, however, amazingly patient with children.

8. He has a sweet tooth.

9. He has a particular fondness for Krispy Kreme raspberry filled donuts.

10. He likes being the center of attention.

11. He doesn't like being like everyone else and will go out of his way to be different - i.e. wearing black dress socks with shorts or one gray sock and one white sock.

12. He is determined and hates to fail. As evidence, he works far more hours than the average person.

13. He prefers floss sword sticks over regular floss.

14. Speaking of swords, he has a knack for fusing the little swords that spear olives, etc. into eye glasses. Check out the link for evidence:

15. He often brushes his teeth in the shower.

16. He is good at making animal sounds. I think I stumped him once with giraffe though.

17. He doesn't drink coffee but likes Earl Grey tea.

18. He is allergic to almost everything.

19. He likes to argue his views and doesn't like to be wrong.

20. He often pays with $2 bills.

21. Due to his natural coat of hair, he prefers the colder climates."

22. He has a hole in his nasal cavity.

23. He doesn't enjoy singing in front of others unless he is drunk and the radio is turned up.

24. He enjoys opera music.

25. He has been known to do aerobatic tricks at high altitudes. He doesn't frighten easily but is terrified of spiders.

26. It's complicated.