A Bit of Hot and Cold News
July 2nd, 2003 | Back to Blog Listing
I am still not exactly sure how this happened, but a small mishap has finally taken place on the trip. While running through Wellington to catch our bus back to Lower Hutt (where the motor park was), my camera somehow slipped from its bag. It fell into the middle of the road and has been damaged. The far right side of the lens has been cracked and the frame has loosened itself a little ways. I have no idea how, but it still takes fabulous pictures. The only incident seems to arise from zooming to 200mm and trying to use the auto-focus. In such a setting it seems to pick up a bit of the fracture and hence cannot focus properly. This also is not a problem since the camera has manual focus as well. So, sadly it is now a 'tainted' camera, but thankfully still in fine working order. I would also like to note that all photos past the 'Te Papa National Museum' gallery will have been taken with the broken camera. Please email me if you notice any flaws in the picture(s).

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