A New Pinball Record!
June 10th, 2005 | Back to Blog Listing

KLO with a promising 3rd place victory and 2,375,665,920 points!
I have been hoping that I would be fortunate enough to get my name into Dave's Frank Thomas pinball game. It has taken me about 4 months to get good at the damn thing, but I have finally managed to secure my place with two different records.


Dave and I were experimenting with the machine a bit and thus decided to take the glass table top off of it. It's actually amazing how much louder the pinball gets when the glass top is off, not to mention how much fright it adds to the game (as there are heavy ball bearings shooting all over the place). I told Dave that I would play the game after putting the glass back on, but he wanted me to leave it off. Should have guessed it would be my best game of all time breaking into the top 5 high scores (placing 3rd), and also beating the home runs score. Dave questions the integrity of the score, even though he did come into the room when I was at about 500 million. The final high score was 2,375,665,920 and my high home runs were something like 78.

To anyone that can afford it, I would highly suggest purchasing an arcade pinball machine. They run anywhere from $1000 - $5000.

06/11/05 - 07:19:39 PM
The glass was off, providing an unfair advantage enabling him to see the field better. While he certainly played a good game, I've cleared his score off the board. Sorry.

06/11/05 - 07:21:34 PM
Dave left the glass off. It was his own fault. I naturally played the game of my life during this. The record stands!

06/11/05 - 09:23:45 PM
I'd also like to add that dave is not happy with this simply because he WAS 3rd place, but now sits beneath my pinball wizardry at 4th. Surely had I only shot to 4th, this record would have no problem being in the books.

07/24/05 - 06:59:14 PM
I'm with Dave on this one.