A Rabid Spice Girl
June 22nd, 1999 | Back to Blog Listing

Ginger Spice signing autographs for her fans in Manhattan
So today I stumbled across a rabid Spice Girl while wandering the streets of Manhattan (Ginger Spice to be more precise). Well actually, I don't know if she was rabid or not, but she was certainly getting enough attention from the local news crews. More surprising to me was actually the mile-long line of people wrapped around a few city blocks just waiting for a chance to greet her. I think the whole ordeal had something to do with either a solo CD or a book that she had written (or at least one she endorsed).

Naturally I had my video camera strapped to one arm, my Minolta 35mm strapped to the other, and a backpack of film and tapes strapped to my back. It sounds like I'm kidding, but I most certainly am not. I wound up shooting a few 35mm pics of her but decided that I would also film some of the event. Here are some of the stills from the Sony Digital 8mm tape that I shot. ...and yes, I am most certainly ashamed of myself for the celebrity hunt, especially in the case of a damn Spice Girl.