A Technical FAQ About Me
June 28th, 2005 | Back to Blog Listing
1. Are you a computer programmer?
I guess so.

2. What languages are you familiar with?
I am an avid PHP programmer but am more than capable with C/C++, Python, Perl and a few others.

3. How about graphics, do you do that too?
I'm pretty fluent with PhotoShop and the like but my drawing ability is less than crap.

4. Video, sound, etc. Any of that?
I've done plenty of work with Adobe Premiere for the movies I've made, and use a variety of sound programs to help get my musical compositions onto the computer.

5. How many websites do you own?
About 10 I think. This one is currently my biggest project, though www.austinsmoke.com WAS my largest. It doesn't look so hot right now, but it used to be a bustling marketplace of GNU/GPL software.

6. How many websites do you manage?
All of the ones that I own plus 2 or 3 more.

7. Do you have any software floating around the web with your name on it?
Yes in fact. I wrote a nice little Currency Converter for PHP-Nuke around January of 2004. It's floating all over the place and can be downloaded from www.austinsmoke.com. At least, you used to be able to get it there. Freshmeat certainly still has a copy of it.

8. What kind of computer(s) do you have?
Right now I'm running a homemade AMD 64 bit machine, 1gb RAM, 80gb SATA 10k disk, on Fedora 3 Linux. My other boxes include a Dell Laptop running WinME, a homemade AMD 32 bit machine running WinXP, and an AMD 64 bit machine running WinXP.

9. Can you help me with my ______ software project?
Maybe. Send me an email via my contact page.

10. Did you design this website?
Yes - though I technically stole the look of it from Mambo. I'm pretty sure they've changed their look since, but that's who deserves the original credit.

11. So this site is run by Mambo CMS?
No. The LOOK of the site was 'borrowed' from the main Mambo site, but none of the coding is from Mambo or any other CMS for that matter.

12. Did you hand code all of this website?
...from blank VIM screens.

13. Can I have the source code to your website scripts?
As of right now, no. I am working on putting it together as a CMS package of some variety. Once that is all said and done, it will be posted on my website somewhere.

14. Does your site use databases?
Actually, though there is SOME database connectivity, it is in no way required to run the little CMS that I have created. The idea of the CMS is actually based entirely upon static HTML files. The software ultimately allows me to create things on the fly from the backend. Hence, if you alter the URL text in an effort to change an ID number, the most likely result will be an Apache error rather than a PHP or SQL error. The idea behind doing this is an effort to promote better security habbits of the site and also allow for faster loading times (as scripts don't need to compile, and queries do not need to be processed).

15. Is your gallery program finished?
No. Kallery is somewhat of a work in progress. I have made quite a bit of progress on it in the past while but do not feel it is dynamic enough to release. Should I ever get to release my CMS program to the world, the Kallery program would be a standard module that came along with it.