Benches Built and Engine Almost Ready
May 18th, 2012 | Back to Blog Listing
It's been challenging building out the interior and fixing the engine at the same time, but both seem to be going rather well. I managed to finish the interior bench seats the other day and started playing around with the vinyl, just to see what it would look like. Once I have the seat backs properly designed, Caroline and I will start spraying the foam seating in then stretch the vinyl over it. Unfortunately there is an order of operations to all of this so that the stapled parts are not shown in the final product.

I really can't thank my neighbor, Danny, enough for all of the time he's spent with me working on the engine. He and I finally got the new radiator installed and it looks beautiful. We've also put in a new coolant reservoir, changed all of the belts, changed the radiator hoses, and stripped out a bunch of unnecessary parts. We'll likely have to change out the engine gaskets as well since they appear to be leaking a bit, but not before we get it started back up.

The interior of the bus with both bench seats properly mounted in place.

There were two holes on the roof of the coach. I filled both of them with "Great Stuff" insulating foam sealant (courtesy of Mike Crockett) and cut the excess off. I put the nozzle well into the hole and likely filled a good part of our ceiling with it.

A look at the new radiator in place. I still have to re-install the radiator cooling fan. The metal screen over the radiator is just part of a screen door. We put it in place since we removed the front condenser, thus exposing the radiator to more bugs.