Bill Burr at the Paramount
January 22nd, 2012 | Back to Blog Listing

Bill Burr on the Paramount marquee
If you like standup and have either never heard of Bill Burr, or never taken the time to see him, look him up. I met the guy a couple of years ago while living out in Los Angeles. He had a podcast he'd been working on and wanted to get it going up on iTunes so I did a bunch of work for him. I put a little custom program together for him over a weekend and started hosting what he calls his "Monday Morning Podcast".

I looked up the traffic on it a couple of weeks later and was blown away to see that we were already up to several terabytes of transfer in less than a month!

Anyway, he's on tour right now and performed at the Paramount in downtown Austin the other night. He was able to get me 6 guest-list tickets and it was awesome.

Here's a clip of his I came across on YouTube: