British Literature 2322 Pilgrimage
February 8th, 2001 | Back to Blog Listing
British Literature I English 2322 T-TH
February 8th, 2001
Towards the Lights

When sickness lures and boredom looms
A scenery change seems in the making
As the path is laid to the ending gloom
And a journey towards the city seems worth taking

As the wagon* is loaded with pound upon pound [Pickup Truck]
And the springs, they slowly give way
As the switch is then kicked* and makes roaring sound [Key is turned]
Should begin the journey of the day.

Towards the morning sun* on the first few days [to the east]
Along the beautiful southern coast I ride
Then passing through our capital ways* [Washington, D.C.]
With the morning sun now by my side* [to the north]

As the ticker* is chased from her resting point [Speedometer]
Counting higher and higher on her friend below* [Odometer]
Half past four-hundred becomes a stopping anointment
Yet loosing only ten minutes, and proceeding to go

And still more stops will be made, but only whenst of
There are people worth seeing through the way
And in near two thousand miles, five stops of love* [Relatives]
Shalt be taken from day upon day

And so finally it nears, brown sky and all
As the roads turned to bridges and then tunnels
With two giant rivers etched around her for walls
All traffic and people become funneled* [trapped within]

And then as I pay my five dollar toll
And proceed through the belly of the snake* [The Lincoln Tunnel]
I have found three months of my life to be stolen
As in Manhattan I find myself finally awake.