September 20th, 2005 | Back to Blog Listing
I'd seen dozens of people do this sort of thing before and had wanted to make my own version of it. So after growing my beard out for about two months, I thought it would be fun to create a little stop-animation of the shaving process (thus run it backwards to have it grow).

I had a semi-formal affair to attend and really needed to shave for the event. Unfortunately it just so happened that my camera broke the day before and so I was kind of between a rock and a hard place with my little artistic experiment. The best I could do was to use my old video camera to capture basic clips and then grab stills from those video clips.

I'll admit it's definitely not the type of final product I had in mind (nor nearly the best I am certain I'm capable of producing), but it sufficed. If you look closely, you'll notice there are two little marks on the wall. These were actually nails that I used to align my head between for each shot. I had intended to remove them all, but never actually did since the images were so weak to begin with.

The images used to construct this can be found here: Build-A-Kev