Comprehensive MEP Meeting #1
August 24th, 2011 | Back to Blog Listing
Yesterday we met with Tom Green & Company, our Axel Warehouse MEP. Matt and Mary joined me from Cotera+Reed in what was probably the longest single meeting I have had thus far (about 4.5 hours overall). We also met Jay Young, an upcoming engineer at TG&C as well as Sam Hammer, a veteran LEED-certified electrical engineer who will be completing the electrical systems for Axel.

After going over the complexities and intended uses of the project as well as further expounding upon the MEP Narrative that I had put together, we spent a great deal of time detailing the desired mechanical systems for the warehouse. These included PV installations, geothermal connections, HVAC throughout the site, and what we could do (if anything) with the ground well on the property.

We eventually moved along to the plumbing systems of the site, particularly discussing the various sink, toilet, and shower fixtures that would be needed throughout the property. The final piece was to discuss the electrical systems that would run throughout the property. It might seem like an easy task, but when you’re having to meet commercial standards with everything and also provide 24-hour lighting options across the entire property line, it’s actually a great deal of work.

Our hope is to incorporate as many environmentally sensitive features as possible. Of course this also means factoring the bottom-line over the most desirable aspects.