Daily Texan Firing Line Submission
May 2nd, 1999 | Back to Blog Listing
Take away all of the nails and screws. Not a bad idea to cut down on the materials used in bombs. But why stop there? Get rid of aluminum, tin, copper, silver, and every other metal on the periodic table. Ban the creation alloys, synthetic metals, and anything else that could be used for shrapnel. We could have a whole society built with wood, rope, plastic, and an occasional squirt of glue. Maybe we could just live in tents. I agree with Ryan, guns don't kill people, people kill people. But let's change that just a bit. People buy guns, and then people kill people. Would it help to change the second amendment? Probably. People argue that taking away guns is taking away from their entertainment. I guess it is always fun to go and pop Bambi now and then, but how much is that fun really worth? Does anybody think that the people in Colorado are saying, "It's so great that Americans can buy guns off of the shelf to hunt with..."? Of course not. If the banning of guns will cut back on your leisure time, find a new hobby. I certainly do not want anyone banning football. It's a great sport. Likewise, I am sure that hunting is just as great of a sport. But when crazy fuckers start going to Oshmans to stock up on footballs, walk into schools, and start killing people with them, I will be happy to change my opinion.