Fixing the Spotlight with MacBook TouchBar
September 20th, 2018 | Back to Blog Listing
Anyone that has the new MacBook with the TouchBar knows that it is simply THE worst piece of hardware that Apple has ever released. Anytime I get a new MacBook there is always that period of time where you have to adjust to the new keyboard. The first time I ever experienced this I cursed them for changing it, but I've learned over the years that the changes are always for the better and after a week or so, my brain is entirely wrapped around the new layout and it increases productivity.

That is simply NOT the case with the new MacBook. I've waited and waited for that eureka! moment to arrive and it simply does not. After reading countless blog posts on the issue, it seems that I am far from the only person to experience the problems that I have.

One of the MANY problems that I experienced was with respect to trying to launch my spotlight. For as long as I can remember, this was a simple combination of Command+Spacebar. I specifically keep my dock as empty as possible knowing that I can pull up any program on the fly through the Spotlight. Unfortunately, the new Apple seems to stutter for lack of a better word.

More times than not I press Command+Spacebar and nothing happens. Usually pressing it a second time will do the trick, but sometimes it takes even a third. Why? Why would this possibly be the case?

Well after some research, it turns out that this has to do with Siri's functionality waiting to see if she is being called upon or not. Note to Apple: she isn't - ever - being called. I just want the Spotlight to open.

So here's the fix:
  • Open your System Preferences
  • Select Siri
  • The first option is "Keyboard Shortcut"
  • Change the dropdown so that it reads "Press Fn (Function) Space"
Once you do this and save the system preference, you'll find that the problem immediately goes away. I am hoping to compile a list of such changes that are necessary to get the computer somewhat back to what it used to be, but unfortunately I don't think the new MacBook is ever going to work as well as its predecessors, regardless of how many tweaks I make to it.