Gene and Vanessa Stock the Bar
September 30th, 2005 | Back to Blog Listing

Instead of having the traditional wedding shower, Gene and Vanessa decided that they would have a Stock the Bar party - to be hosted by the Crocketts. However, instead of having the traditional Stock the Bar party, here is what they did: Everyone that was invited to the party showed up with a bottle of something. Gene and Vanessa brought all of their old bottles of liquor to the party. So rather than everyone consume the new bottles, we consumed the old ones, and the newer ones are to be saved for their wedding party. I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Setting up for the Party

Krista asked me if I could help her setup for the party and so naturally, I decided that I could.

Krista had a number of errands she needed to run for the party. First stop on the list was a quick trip over to Party Pig Superstore. Naturally, bring a kid into a candy store and it's not a quick trip. In this case, bringing me into a Party Pig store - we stayed there for awhile. After taking pictures of all things 'fascinating' and waiting around for 30 minutes to have a dozen balloons filled up, our trip was complete. Next stop was over to H.E.B. to pickup some flowers for the event. Finally, back to the Crocketts house where I spent 10 minutes making sure that the toilet that Crockett and I had broken, fixed, and broken again, just the day before, was in good working order.

Reuben's Emporium Liquor Store

Inside of Reuben's Emporium
I'm not sure what the relevance of including this is, but Krista really seems to love this liquor store just down the road from where they live. I am pretty sure that from the outside it appears to be called 'The Emporium', but a quick search on Google suggests it is called Reuben's Wines and Spirits. Either way, here is the address since this was a Stock the Bar party.

Take a look at those cubby holes they have for the liquors. They actually have a different cubby hole for each type of alcohol (tequilas, rums, etc.). Crockett sees these enclaves as the store's exclusive selling point.

Reuben's Wines and Spirits

11637 Research Blvd.

Austin, TX 78759

(512) 345-2866

Some Party Highlights

I would have to say that overall the party was pretty tame, but certainly not without it's moments of drunken humor. Since it was, in some way, a wedding shower party, we played a game whereby Gene and Vanessa were blindfolded (not at the same time) and had to sit on the couch. A line of girls formed for Gene, and a line of guys for Vanessa, and each one quietly kissed them on the cheek (or in some cases jumped on top and licked their cheek). After everyone had their turn, they were supposed to guess which one was their spouse-to-be. Gene failed not once, not twice, but thrice, before picking Vanessa. He cited he lost count. Vanessa technically lost as well, however I think it is clear she was cheated because Gene decided not to go. Technically I suppose it should have been possible for her to say that none of the kisses came from Gene, but it was assumed that he had participated.

Perhaps another element of the night worth mentioning is Christine taking a body shot from Crockett's bra? Well, naturally this is entirely captured on film. It's actually in two different parts because I could only film 20 second clips at a time on my cell phone.

Notable Word-Coining Experience

I would just like to add this quick section as a reminder to the greatest word ever coined. I believe the real name of this game is Indian Poker, wherby players pickup a card from a deck and place it on their foreheads. Since nobody could recall this name prior to wanting to play it, it was dubbed CardHead.

Crockett Dancing

It's almost getting too easy if you ask me - ruining any chance that Mike Crockett might have at Congress or the like. Once again, Mike drank some alcohol. Once again, without provoking of any kind, he was on the dance floor. And once again, the spectacle was caught on film. I'd personally like to thank Mr. Michael Crockett for providing me and all of his party guests with several minutes of entertainment.