Hays Field Road
March 19th, 2000 | Back to Blog Listing
Hays Field Road

Words by Klaus Wagner
Music by Kevin Ludlow


Whats your name

Words can't explain

What I see before me

Eyes are blue

Skin is cream

Put me to sleep
Lemme figure this one out in my - dreams

(D) (A)
Gonna take a drive tonight

Foward Fly

I don't wanna see you cry

Cause I feel - good with you

Gonna take a drive - tonight

Gonna make sure I figure this one out right

Cause I'm going down

Hays Field Road

Going down

(C9) (G)
Hays Field Road - tonight

Its juts begun

The day has got a new sun


But I - see you once - I need you twice

You're gonna stay here tonight

Gonna take a drive
To figure this one out

(D) (C9) (G)
Gonna take a drive down - Hays field Road


If the clock turns twelve

And I'm around

I know that I will wake up

And I will stay

To live again

Another day

(C) - (D) (A)
And take a drive down hays field road