Homemade Pedalboard
May 15th, 2006 | Back to Blog Listing
My parents have been in town helping my brother fix up his new house and so there have been all sorts of construction and arts and crafts projects happening. I've been wanting to make a pedalboard for some time now and felt inspired.

The bottom frame of the board is cut out of poplar and the top is covered in diamond board. I fastened a hearty power strip with an 8 foot cord to the top. All of the pedals are given power from a standard DC brick. There are holes drilled next to each device so that all of the wiring could be done on the bottom side. Finally the handles are just standard cabinet mounts turned the wrong way.

It was actually very difficult to find the short 1/4" cables to go between each of the pedals.

The pedalboard shown under normal lighting

The pedalboard shown in the dark