Kyloe Blue - Lullaby - One-to-One
July 13th, 2016 | Back to Blog Listing
This song of ours called "Lullaby" has become one of my very favorite songs that we've written.

The song was initially written by Sasha and in fact his cello-driven band even plays a purely instrumental version of it. But Sasha brought it to Carly and I and the three of us started working out more complex bits of it that fit our particular style.

It's incredibly enjoyable to be playing the song and get about 2.5 minutes in when the bass and drums finally enter. I wind up playing a pretty simple interlude for about 30 seconds and then we break into a guitar solo.
It's perhaps not the most complex guitar solo I've ever written, but for various reasons remains one of my favorite that I've ever written.

As a little bit of trivia to the song, you can hear and see Carly pretend to be angry at the 4:29 mark. She was trying to come in at a specific time over and over again in rehearsal and kept missing it. She actually nails her mark in this performance, but thought that she was off and so is looking to Sasha as acknowledgement that she messed up. But she didn't. She did it perfectly, as Carly has tended to do.