Landscape Architecture
August 17th, 2011 | Back to Blog Listing

Proposed front landscape layout
One of the MANY things that the City of Austin requires for full site-plan compliance is some type of landscape architecture plan. In my case, this was handled by my civil engineer's team, but I’ve been perfectly behind it. Fortunately the city does not require that every square foot of the property be accounted for, but rather areas that are more commonly visible and/or accessible. In my case this meant anything along the front of the property line, the parking lot, and into the water retention pond I am required to build.

The Gulf Muhly
Preliminarily speaking anyways, we will be planting trees and plants that have a low impact on the environment, that are easy to maintain, robust throughout the seasons, and meant for our type of climate. I think the front of the property will actually come out looking exceptionally colorful and diverse and create a wonderful transition layer around our parking lot.

I have included the proposed architecture plan, but have also included images of all of the potential trees and shrubbery to be included. I think the Gulf Muhly might actually be my favorite.