Laptop Access Increasingly Hard to Find
July 3rd, 2003 | Back to Blog Listing
I apologize for taking so many days to get our new content online but it seems as we travel through the South Island it is becoming very difficult for me to find internet access. While internet cafes are still around (though becoming increasingly expensive for slower service), they will not let me plug my laptop in. I suppose it is fair to give them some credit as the typical reasons for WHY I cannot plug in are them wanting to remain hassle-free and ensure their networks are secure. Regardless, it has become quite a nuisance for me as I expect to be turned down in most places now. I can only hope that the larger cities will have less strict policies.

Have you ever wondered just how close you can get to a seal? Well apparently it is close enough to learn that they have the worst breath of any living animal I have ever encountered in my life. While driving down HWY 1 from Blenheim to Kaikoura we came across the Ohau Seal Colony (or so the signs read). While deciding that I was a National Geographic photographer for the day I approcahed a few seals very closely as you can see in the new gallery photos. When startled they become quite frightening and their well known bark quickly turns into a low pitched snarl, much like that of a tiger.

Photo Gallery Updates:
Camper Van
Animal Encounters
National Cathedral in Nelson
Lake Rotoiti
Black Sands Beach
Ohau Seal Colony