Mobility Has Been Achieved!
July 26th, 2003 | Back to Blog Listing
Having been searching for the past few weeks, I came across a great deal on a 1992 Honda Beat (cross between our Honda Spree and Honda Elite) Motor Scooter. It's only 50cc and has brand new plates, registration, and warranty of fitness (similar to our inspection). I am legally able to drive it given that I have a drivers license. I also managed to get 2 helmets and riding gloves out of the deal and so I was quite pleased. It is nice to finally be mobile in the city.

On top of this, I am also working for the University of Otago. I am grading (or marking as they say) papers for a Calculus / Linear Algebra class. It is my understanding that it is the highest low-level math class. The pay is pretty decent and it easily pays my rent here in Dunedin. With that, Tisa is attempting a job at the Otago Museum but will be starting a job at a cafe called Muffin Break in the local hospital. This works out well for her since one of her flatmates is a doctor to be and is frequently at the hospital as well. For anyone who is slightly confused, Dunedin is the city that we live in but Otago is the region or state that Dunedin lives in.