New Floorplans
August 19th, 2011 | Back to Blog Listing
After meeting with Matt and Mary from Cotera+Reed just yesterday, I was able to see the new floor plans that they have been working on. They are more or less the same as what we had been working on previously, although the storage room has been more properly refined as have the external staircases. The most interesting new addition to the plan is the “crow’s nest”, a mechanical access point found on what is essentially the 3rd story staircase. Although it’s designed specifically for mechanical and rooftop access, it should provide a pretty nice view to the west.

We are still working on spacing the kitchenette and meeting room out a bit, as well as adding some internal storage spaces and addressing the space requirements of the ADA-compliant bathrooms. Once we get these things worked out, we will quickly start addressing finer points of each room including architectural style, windows, lighting, doors, and etc.

Section view including the crow's nest

Floor 1 Layout

Floor 2 Layout