SkiLudlow 2011
March 22nd, 2011 | Back to Blog Listing
For the past 6 years, my good friend Jason Kujda has put together a marvelous ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado for he and all of his friends. He handles every component of it and even lets people pay in installments. Since he has been busy this year building up his career (namely saving money so that he can finally get married), he decided that he was no longer going to do the ski trip.

After some discussion, I finally decided that I would go ahead and take it over and last October announced to everyone that I would be handling it this year. The following is the text that I sent out to everyone:

The rumors that you have no doubt heard by now are true. The annual SkiKujda trip has been successfully hijacked in a carefully planned and executed coup d'etat. 2011 promises to be bigger and better than all other years combined.

Front of the skiludlow card everyone was given
But let us not forget the many years of wonderful rule by Jason Kujda. From overseeing the great fight of 2006 to his blessing laid upon the conception in 2007. Perhaps the introduction of Catchphrase in 2008, or the engagement that would soon follow. And let us not forget the Banana-Man-Skier of 2009, the diplomatic relations with Tyler Canon of Missouri, and of course "SkiKujda the Movie" which premiered in 2010. Only time will dictate this man's place in history.
The Basic Plan

Back of the skiludlow card everyone was given
Most everything has already been explained to people individually, but for anyone still on the fence, here are the details and a breakdown of what is included. We will fly into Denver on Wednesday March 23rd, 2011. Depending on the flights available, we will try to arrive between 10am and 1pm MST. We will pick up our rental cars, head into the mountains, and get settled into our condos at Sawmill Creek. Thursday morning we will pick up our ski rentals and then plan to ski all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Per our previous few years, we'll likely try to organize a group trip to Vail on Friday for anyone who is interested in going (our lift tickets will include this in the price). Each day after skiing is usually met with some relaxation, a social hour in the hot tub (with plenty of beverages), and a dinner on the town. For the super-human, Keystone also offers night skiing. As per our custom, we will be planning a large group outing at The Dive Bar on Saturday night. On Sunday morning we will check out, drive back to Denver, and fly back home.
What the trip includes

For about $650 (probably less), you will be getting 4 nights in a condo, basic ski rentals for 3 days (upgraded skis and snowboards will be more), a 3 day lift ticket (also good for one day at A-Basin, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Keystone), and a rental car (with gas included) to get you to and from the mountain. There is a good chance of a few additional surprises too.

As always, any excess money will be refunded appropriately. There is no attempt to make any money off of this trip.

And since there has always been a t-shirt for the occasion, this is the outlined version that I sent off to the printer of the first skiludlow shirt.

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