Snow Covered
November 2nd, 1999 | Back to Blog Listing
One of the sagas of living with my good buddy, Klaus, over on Speedway was about a girl named Rebecca Marie Hays. I put together this little CD together for her one evening after recording "Dark Orange Fur" on my 12-string.

Unfortunately the drum track got a little off beat towards the end of the song, but such is self-recording.

Track Listing
Both of the photos from the CD were taken in New York City over spring break of 1999 (mid-March).

The front cover and inside jacked for "Snow Covered"

The back jacket of "Snow Covered".

Original Written March 1998
Rewritten and Recorded October 1999
Music by Kevin Ludlow
Guitars: Kevin Ludlow

Dark Orange Fur
Written and Recorded November 1999
Music by Kevin Ludlow
12 String Guitar: Kevin Ludlow
Electric Guitar: Kevin Ludlow
Keyboards (Echoes): Kevin Ludlow
Drums: Kevin Ludlow

Little Kid
Written and Recorded October 1999
Music by Kevin Ludlow and Christoph Wagner
Acoustic Guitar (Rhythym): Kevin Ludlow
Acoustic Guitar (Lead): Christoph Wagner
Bass: Kevin Ludlow