Stormy Eyes
September 29th, 1998 | Back to Blog Listing
After heading back to Austin for my sophomore year in college, I put this little album together for Sarah Wagner. The original title track on the album had been crafted for her several months earlier.

Sarah was from Oklahoma. The artwork used throughout the album was taken from the storm systems common to the area.

Track Listing

The front and the inside of the CD jacket

The back of the CD jacket

Duval Street
Written and Recorded September 1998
Music by Victor Perez
Lyrics by Victor Perez
Guitars: Kevin Ludlow
Vocals: Victor Perez

Small Lake of Wishes
Written and Recorded June 1998
Music by Kevin Ludlow
Guitars: Kevin Ludlow
Bass: Kevin Ludlow
Drums: Kevin Ludlow

Duval Street Lyrics

Duval Street is where we live
Four guys: Chuck, Vic, and Kev
Don't forget the one who brought the first girl
He's the one, he's the only shadow

He knows a girl named Christina
She's blonde
She's a Kappa Delta
He sleeps only five feet away from me
Living in this place I feel so free

We have a back porch where we smoke our cigarettes
We sit down on the one dollar chairs and talk about
How we did nothing all day
Nothing all day
It's okay on Duval Street

Duval Street...

Duval Street...

Take me home

Make me cry

Kevin knows a girl that goes to Duchense
Her name is Sarah she's in the 12th grade
She woke me up today and told me happy she was to be on Duval Street
She's so sweet, she makes him happy

Sometimes she sits on my lappy
Chuck's in his room taking a nappy
Don't forget to give it a tappy-tappy
A tappy-tappy

Chuck is happy
Kevin's happy
Ludlow's happy
Kevin's happy
Mike is happy
Shadow's happy
Chuckle's happy
VP's happy
Victor's happy
We're all happy

Cook me some spaghetti, Kevin

Duval Street...

Does this bus go to Duval Street?

Or 32nd Street, that'll be just fine.