Tango in the Night
March 19th, 2000 | Back to Blog Listing
Tango in the Night

Words by Klaus Wagner
Music by Kevin Ludlow

(Dm - Dm7th) (Am)

Tango in the night

My legs filled with fright

She opens up the door

Never seen that much skin before

I popped up in some Marvin Gaye

Like I had planned

Nights before

She stepped over to greet me

Shall I say

(Em) (Dm)
It was us by now

She gave me a big hug

Lemme smell her - all over

She said lay me down on that bed of yours

Treat me like I'm a red head

Don't you stop tonight until I scream

Your name unto this smoke filled room

Cause that's how I want it tonight

And I said - I'll give it to you

Might add some fright - to your pleasure

In my room


(Dm) (Am)
And that's pretty much how I figured it was gonna go
I got it all figured out by now
I figured I tell her to come in my room
I'd put some music on
She gives me a hug - feels the wood

And we get at it
Because by god it's been a long six months
And I'm not even in the goddamn navy
So uh - let this foretold vision come to life

(F#) (B) (x3)
And I'll be a happy man tonight