The Blue Softee
Story circa September 10th, 1999 | Back to Blog Listing
Some time during our Junior year in college, while living as roommates, Klaus and I got the idea that our dear friend Sunni needed a present.  She had broken up with her boyfriend of many years just months before, and was clearly upset over this event (as one would expect most anyone to be).  There was discussion of trying to find her someone, but unfortunately neither Klaus nor I were going to be of any help in this department.

One late evening in our cozy 41st street apartment, Klaus and I took to the pipe as we did on so many other nights there.  It probably wasn't too long before we were stoned out of our minds reminiscing on memories past.

I'll never be sure if it was Klaus or myself who suggested it (in all likeliness it was me), but we somehow decided that it would be comical to purchase Sunni a vibrator.  After some initial laughter, we somehow figured that it would be a nice gesture.

Within moments, we were huddled around my smoke-stained monitor trying to find Sunni the perfect 'fulfillment' when alas, the Blue Softee presented itself.  I filled out the order form with my information, and we sent it (and a bottle of cleaning solution) anonymously to Sunni and Laura's cottage duplex on 33rd street.  There was a note attached with some sort of innuendo, though I can't recall it.