The Duval Car Chase
Story circa May 1st, 1999 | Back to Blog Listing
One day I came down the staircase and into my condo's parking garage over at 32nd and Duval (just north of UT Austin's campus). It was late, probably between 2am and 3am. I only took a couple of steps into the garage when I noticed two guys near the corner trying to break into one of my neighbors cars. I looked in their general direction and one of them made eye contact with me. He was like a deer in headlights.

He signaled to his buddy and they very slowly and casually started walking away from the car they were attempting to rob. I started walking faster towards my truck and they did the same towards the exit. I finally ran to my truck and they ran out of the parking garage. A small white car was waiting for them and they jumped into it.

I started up my F-150 in record time and hauled out of the garage in pursuit of them. Since my car was still equipped with an external sound system, I thought it was far time that I use my siren for a good purpose and proceeded to chase them towards campus. My lights were flashing and my police siren was at full volume.

I pursued them south down Duval street all the way to 26th street. They ran the light and turned west on 26th. I followed. We hit upwards of 60mph as we traveled westerly through campus. They took a hard right onto Guadalupe and I was still in close pursuit. Finally as we neared 29th street, they did a 180 through traffic. I couldn't safely make the same turn, especially in my truck. By the time I did turn around (probably just a few seconds later), they had gotten far enough away from me that I lost them.

If only cell phones had been available...

I typed up an indecent report and posted it in the elevator at my condo complex in case anybody had been burglarized. Fortunately I was able to run them out before they actually did any damage. It sure would have been nice to catch them.