Website Needing Repair?
July 19th, 2003 | Back to Blog Listing
I have heard from a few people that the main page is beginning to get a little slow, especially for those sad enough to still be using a dialup connection. While it will still be a week or two off, I am planning a few changes for the website. I will most likely be turning off the block messaging system as it is rarely used and a pain to keep up with. I will instead just be using this style that you see in front of you. I will also be placing the camper van experience on a separate page and hopefully be adding maps to show our journey (pending me getting graph-x programs). In the more distant future, I am planning on designing a custom theme for It will most likely have a greenish style to it, but that is still a ways off. Sorry to anyone having to wait awhile for this main page to load up. Hopefully the problem will be corrected very shortly.

Photo Gallery Updates:
Please note that the pictures from Queenstown should be available tomorrow.
Camper Van
Animal Encounters
Larnach Castle
Southern Scenic Route