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New Website Progression Updates
December 29th, 2011 | View Post
It's been a couple of months since I finally decided that it was time for a full overhaul of and there have been some pretty significant changes already made to the architecture of the site. I was joking to DaveG just a couple of days ago how significantly my CMS architecture skills have improved since I first developed the concept back in 2005, and even since formally releasing it in 2007.

The size of the codebase has been significantly reduced and puts much more strain on the SQL server for larger, more complex operations (as opposed to parsing data via code after simple queries). Additionally, most all of the original Javascript used has been replaced with jQuery or removed entirely. While I'm thrilled to have done this, it's not entirely an original design flaw. When I first began coding the system, the jQuery library was not yet available and developers were essentially limited to the Prototype / Scriptaculous packages. To this day I contend that those packages are hugely bloated and should not be used for web development projects given the complexities that they add to the maintenance of projects. This was especially the case in 2007 when I first released openFace given processors were that much slower and front-end Javascript weighs a browser down. Fortunately jQuery provides an excellent balance of functionality and programmability while still remaining pretty light (provided one avoids their various UI packages).

In parallel to this development (which is really just in my spare time), I have been hiring people to take on the arduous tasks of scanning photos, digitizing movies, digitizing old audio recordings, and etc. As of this writing I already have 11,254 new photos that will be added to the website once it is fully launched, though I'm guessing it will be closer to 17,000 new photos once I'm finished!
AS-GasTracker v1.0 Released
December 7th, 2005 | View Post

An overview of the basic HTML graphing.

A screenshot of the data view.
This script will allow you to keep track of your gas mileage and have the results displayed in an easy to read website. None of the data is harvested from anywhere on the web but is rather entered manually by the user and for the user.

Currently the program only supports the English system of miles and gallons. Future versions intend to include the metric system as well as conversions between the figures.

If the demand seems to exist, a future version will allow the user to import a CSV file (or something similar). This should satisfy any users who have historically kept up with such data with Excel and other spreadsheets.

Download from Freecode at:

Download directly from:

Tar/GZ: AS-GasTracker_v1_0_0.tar.gz (43,789 bytes)
WinZip: (62,133 bytes)
Same Gnome 2.8.0+ Custom Image Pack 0.1
July 24th, 2005 | View Post

A look at the different pix maps.

This is just a pretty simple image pack that I put together for the popular open-source game, Same Gnome. The top left image is the default pixmap for the game, and the other three images are custom pixmaps that I made. Included in the tarball are: rotating_pills.png (topright), three_lens_flares.png (bottomleft), and mexican_numbers.png (bottomright). I cannot guarantee that they will work with all versions of Same Gnome, but were designed to work with v2.8.0.

Included Pixmaps
  • Rotating Pills
  • Mexican Numbers
  • Three Lens Flare
While the Mexican Numbers and the Rotating Pills themes were meant to be graphically appealing, the Three Lens Flares pixmap was simply designed to allow the user to more easily see what particular color appears most in the game (thus allowing for higher scores - or so was the idea).

How to use

Read your Same Gnome help section on 'Creating Scenarios'. Simply unTar/GZip the file and copy the .PNGs into your /usr/share/pixmaps/same-gnome/ directory (note: directory may be slightly different depending on your Linux distribution.)

Download them directly from:

Tar/GZ: same-gnome-pixmaps0.1.tar.gz (110,354 bytes)
AS-Currency v2.0 Released
February 4th, 2004 | View Post

See how some people are using are block.
Anyone looking for a Currency Converter (169 different currencies included) or that is already using AS-Currency 1.0, I have finally completed AS-Currency 2.0. Tons of new features including a redesigned and more powerful admin interface, market gain and loss calculations, ability to use graphical images, new flag sets (for 45 countries), and plenty more. Previous bugs have been worked out and I have included a thorough documentation set as well as an easy to use install script. For use with PHP Nuke 6.9+

Heavily redesigned PHPNuke block/module combination built off of the existing v1.0. The block displays current exchange rate information - displaying countries that the administrator defines. The module is a currency converter. New to v2.0 are: -market gains and losses displayed within the block. -graphical displays available for both gains and losses, and for numerical values -new flag images included -redesigned admin interface -redesigned module interface -multiple data servers can be selected for each currency used -ability to edit specific currency information Version 2.0

New in v2.0 is:
  • Redesigned admin interface
  • New look to all program tables including the module itself.
  • New and smoother flag images (for about 45 common currencies)
  • Ability to use multiple financial sources
  • Ability to display block values as text or as graphics.
  • Gains and losses for market values.
  • Admin now has ability to determine frequency of data pulls.
  • Control over block and module color schemes including admin interface.
  • Administrator is able to edit specific country information.
  • New installation code designed for quick installation.

This PHPNuke block/module combo converts between world currencies including countries, territories, and precious metals. The included block displays the value of admin-defined markets vs. the current value of a single market.

Get this module/block combination from Freecode (previously FreshMeat):

Download directly:

Tar/GZ: AS-Currency-v2.0.tar.gz (129,013 bytes)
WinZip: (205,880 bytes)
AS-Currency Converter v1.0
December 18th, 2003 | View Post
AS-Currency Converter v1.0 is a PHPNuke block/module combination. The block displays current exchange rate information - displaying countries that the administrator defines. The module is a currency converter.

Get this module/block combination from Freecode (previously FreshMeat):

Download directly:

Tar/GZ: AS-GasTracker_v1_0_0.tar.gz (43,789 bytes)
WinZip: (62,133 bytes)