Brief Background

Kevin is a mathematics graduate of the University of Texas. He has been residing primarily in Austin, Texas for the past eighteen years with stints in a variety cities around the world. Over the years Kevin has worked as a software consultant with dozens of high-profile technology firms from all around the globe.

Due to the dynamic nature of international consulting, Kevin remains current in a wide variety of skills pertaining to software architecture, development, and network management and administration. He is well-versed in a number of programming languages and is typically involved with projects as a project lead or manager. He often works remotely with his teams between regularly scheduled on-site visits. Kevin is also a certified Agile ScrumMaster and is comfortable leading Agile-based teams.

In addition to development, Kevin is an avid UI/UX designer, a proud jQuery enthusiast, and while not an artist, highly skilled in the Adobe Suite, most specifically Photoshop.

The Near Future

Kevin is always seeking interesting and exciting employment opportunities. He is most fond of positions requiring an extensive bit of travel and always has his passport ready to go on a moment's notice.