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My Magical Birthday Present
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For my recent 34th birthday, a friend of mine got me what may very well be the coolest birthday present I've ever received.

She asked me if I wanted to join her for a drink on the Sunday after my birthday up at the Iron Cactus (a local Austin Mexican restaurant with a sizable bar). I said I'd love to and showed up at the requested time. The place was completely empty save for the bartender and maybe 3 other patrons. We had a drink or three and before long I noticed a guy moseying around the bar wearing all black. He greeted the few other people in the bar before coming up to the two of us and introducing himself. I was a little caught off guard, but he soon introduced himself as a magician who frequented the Iron Cactus and asked if he could perform some illusions for us.

I excitedly told him he absolutely could and that I loved magic. He began his little show. They were really, really good! In fact, he was just an all-around spectacular performer and I was shocked that this guy would be doing rounds at a nearly-empty bar. After two or three different feats, he apologized and asked if he was interrupting anything. I told him no, and that the lady sitting with me thoroughly enjoyed magic as well. He continued.

After two more illusions (both which were even more phenomenal than the previous ones) he started chuckling a bit and asked my friend if he could tell me. I had absolutely no idea what was going on here. Once the wheels started turning, I look over to her and exclaimed, "You got me a magician for my birthday?!"

At this point the magician chimed in and pointed out that not only did she get me a personal magic show, but for the next hour and a half, Cody the Magician would be showing me HOW to perform the illusions he had just performed for us. I was truly overjoyed with this as I have always wanted to learn how to perform some basic magic. It was just awesome and I could not have been more surprised. I even got to have an intelligent conversation with him about some of my world favorites, most notably Derren Brown, Ricky Jay, and Jason Latimir.

Once he left we practiced one of the card tricks for about an hour before heading off to a party. Twenty minutes in, we performed that card trick to a handful of people and left them completely stunned. I have now successfully pulled off ONE impressive card trick.
R.I.P. Party Bus
March 8th, 2013 | View Post

The specially rigged up driver's seat
One of the things I've desperately needed to take care of this year has been the removal of a giant bus on my driveway. I had really great intentions for starting the project last April. It wasn't too expensive, I thought it would help someone gain consistent income, and I also thought it would be a fun project to share (working outside, drinking beer, wood-working, etc.).

While some of that proved to be true, I'd have to say that overall it was an abysmal failure. Worse is that I've been left to consider this abysmal failure virtually every time I arrive at my house.

I figured that I'd have to fix the driver's seat before I could sell it, but a few people convinced me that probably wasn't the case. So after typing up the story of the bus on Craigslist and letting people know I was just trying to get back what I put into it, I found a handful of buyers.

Thankfully, one of those buyers purchased it this morning and drove it off.

The moral of this entire story is that projects are fun. But if you're going to start a project with someone, make sure that someone really wants to do the project with you. All you really have to do is ask. Sometimes failing to do so will leave you with a 10,500 lb vehicle that really only serves to explain what house is yours on the block.

My view of the bus as it drove off my block.

The first time my truck has ever been parked in my driveway.